Passion + Ideas + Ventures = Value

“Most of the world is cov­ered by water. A fisherman’s job is sim­ple: pick out the best parts.”
Charles Water­man

Here are some of the entities which we have assisted/invested and now being released to the public in a phased manner.™ aims to empower every person & every organization to do good and to become focal point of the rise for Arab benevolence with innovative ways to contribute to the wellness & welfare of society. Link will open in the new window

With aim of spreading laughter, Habal™ is a regional superstar for fun. Habal is a popular Arabic term which can be used to describe funny or silly situations, events & people. Link will open in the new window

Thanks to Munchbox™, snacking has just become a guiltless pleasure. By going far & wide to find the most natural, and nutritious snacks out there, selected nutritionists are constantly increasing the munchbox offering. Link will open in the new window

orionhigh™ is the home of cruise gear, trendy clothing & apparel. “crossing the mainstream” with a simple yet elegant design to remind us that we are all star dust. Its also home of the world’s original low-caps website. Link will open in the new window


Other companies remain under incubation and can not be released to the public or have requested not be publicized at this time.